Aloe Vera

The Aloe-Vera plant is a very popular herbal skincare therapy, and may be the most widely recognized herbal therapy. It has a bit of a cactus shape, and can be found in warm climates around the world. Thanks to its unique qualities, Aloe-Vera is a vital part of natural skin care, relieving thermal burns, sunburns, promoting wound healing, moisturizing, and softening skin.
The benefits of the Aloe-Vera gel include burn healing effects, anti-inflammatory properties, scar reducing properties and more. Naturally, the best way to get all thouse benfits is with a pure Aloe-Vera gel for the skin.
The Aloe-Vera gel is the most common use of the plant, but Aloe-Vera can be used is various forms, including Aloe-Vera essentials oils, which are beneficial for the skin. Many of Jericho Skincare’s products contain Aloe-Vera juice, Aloe-Vera gel or Aloe-Vera essential oil.
Aloe-Vera is best known for its ability to stimulate healthy cell growth and repair damaged tissues, therefore is very popular to use after getting a sun burn or having wounded skin. Aloe-Vera has many other benefits for skin health, such as helping cracked dry skin, keeping dry skin moisturized, preventing dangerous toxins from penetrating skin, making skin smoother, disinfect wounds, and is also very effective in treating some skin ailments such as eczema and psoriasis.
Aloe-Vera benefits have been known for centuries, and now recent research also confirms that Aloe-Vera helps stimulate the immune system, stimulate cell growth, and repair damaged tissues.



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