Fruits are rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, which makes them so important to our skincare routine. We usually don't think about fruits as applicable skincare ingredients, yet fruits are an essential part of healthy beautiful skin, as well as our overall wellbeing.
Fruits essence has been researched for centuries, and modern science has now confirmed ancient's knowledge regarding the benefits of fruits to skincare and overall well being.
Apples, for example, make an excellent treatment for wrinkles, cracked skin and skin inflammation. Apricots can be used to ease sunburns, itching and eczema. Cucumbers are used for whitening skin, tightening pores and preventing pimples. Avocados make a wonderful nourishing facial mask. These are only a few examples of the benefits and uses of fruits for natural skin care.
Utilizing the vitamin content in fruits for face and body skincare is highly effective, as well as extremely healthy. The great advantage of fruits for skincare is their diversity and abundance in vitamins and nourishing elements, which is beneficial for all skin types.  Fruits can benefit skin by either eating them, or by rubbing and applying them externally on the skin. A balanced diet is always recommended for glowing healthy looking skin, but sometimes skin might need extra help. To get the best skincare results, it is more useful to apply fruits as a juice, whole, or just their essence combined with other beneficial skincare ingredients, directly onto the skin.

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