Dead Sea Skin Care products by Jericho contain many different types of anti-inflammatory agents.  Anti-inflammatory agents may be especially found in products to prevent and/or help sun damage, acne and anti-aging skin care.


Anti-inflammatory skin care is highly recommended for sensitive skin types, those who suffer from chronic irritation, or have skin ailments such as acne, psoriasis, eczema or allergies. Anti-inflammatory skin care allows you to treat your skin without aggravating the skin.


Inflamed skin may be itchy, red, rough, patchy or flaky. Scratching the skin just makes the situation worse. If the inflammation gets worse it can even cause cracks and open cuts, which could get infected.  The first step in treating inflamed skin is detecting factors causing the inflammation. It may be as obvious as a skin burn, or may require a doctor's advice in case of a more serious skin condition.


The two most important skin care anti-inflammatory steps are cleansing and moisturizing.  A daily facial and body care routine is recommended no matter what your skin condition is, and with anti-inflammatory skin care it gets even more important. A daily gentle (yet deep) cleansing is important to clear any dead skin cells from the surface of the skin, helping the skin to renew itself, look healthier and smoother. A rich moisturizer locks the moisture inside the skin and helps protect it from the damage of harsh sun and winds.


Anti-inflammatory treatment can start with preventing the situation in the first place. Try using natural skin care products and avoid products that can dry out your skin. Deep nourishing masks and regular body exfoliation can also be highly effective as an anti-inflammatory treatment. To learn more about anti-inflammatory treatments you can find Medical Conferences & Health Conferences at

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