Botanical skincare is basically natural skincare made with botanical ingredients. Botanical ingredients are extracted from plants such as flowers, seeds, leaves and roots. Each plant has its unique healing qualities, including vitamins, antioxidants and essential oils. Botanical skincare and the healing power of plants has been known for centuries, and dates back to 2700 B.C, used by ancient cultures like the Greeks, the Romans, the Chinese and the Indians.


Some botanical ingredients are filled with antioxidants, which fight free radicals and help reduce the signs of aging. Therefore, botanical anti-aging skincare products will use those plant extracts to protect the skin and keep it looking younger. Other plants have calming abilities, making them perfect to treat sensitive skin, like Aloe Vera. Antiseptic plants are very useful in treating acne and other skin ailments.


Since botanical skincare is all natural skincare, the effect it has on our body and skin is much greater than any chemical-synthetic products generated in a lab. Research shows that the enzymes and the peptides in botanical ingredients are better absorbed in skin compared to synthetic ingredients, therefore being much more effective, and of course safer and healthier on the skin.

 Botnical Skincare by Jericho

Jericho skincare products contain many botanical ingredients. All products are safe to use and will not irritate or dry out your skin. Nothing compares to the feeling of bathing with all natural botanical ingredients; they enhance your skincare experience and makes your skin look and feel its best.


Natural botanical ingredients are formulated in Jericho Skincare products to restore and protect the skin, allowing a hydrated, smooth and healthy look. These products are ideal for people with chemical sensitivities.

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