Collagen is best known for its benefits with skincare and anti-aging. Collagen is one of the most important proteins to sustain healthy skin, since its main function is hydration of the skin. Collagen is naturally produced by body cells, yet its production decreases as we age. For example, by the age of 50 our body cells produce only 35 percent of the collagen the skin needs to stay hydrated.

Off course collagen is not only vital for healthy skin, but is also important for overall health, and can be found in connective tissue, cartilage, eyes, muscles, kidneys, liver and more.

Loss of collagen is considered to be a distinct sign of aging, causing the body to lose muscle tone, decrease is bone density and cartilage, and of course the appearance of wrinkles, which leads to an overall less elastic, dryer appearing skin. Nails and hair are also affected by lower levels of collagen and can also use a little boost over time.

Collagen is best absorbed in the body when combined with vitamin C, so skincare products which contain collagen should also include vitamin C to maximize the collagen's effect on the skin.

Collagen is highly effective as an anti-aging component, helping skin to become firmer, smoother and silkier. Collagen helps skin renewal, as well as preventing premature signs of aging; therefore it is important to start using it in your skincare regimen by your early 30's.


The Benefits of Collagen for the Skin


Collagen has many benefits for the skin, since it is a very important moisture retainer. Collagen is vital for all skin types, from dry skin to oily skin, and even sensitive skin type. Collagen is proven to improve the look and feel of the skin, increasing hydration and decreasing the extent and the depth of wrinkles and fine lines. Collagen is also very efficient is keeping skin elasticity and firmness.  Using skincare products with collagen, along with a balanced diet of healthy foods and plenty of water, is crucial for well- being of the skin.

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