Normal Skin

Being normal is not always the best thing, but when it comes to skin, you really should be satisfied to have normal skin! Normal skin usually has an even tone; it is soft to the touch with a smooth texture. Normal skin has no visible pores or blemishes, making it look clear and breakout free.
How can you tell if you have a normal skin type? Well, most people with normal skin don't have a shiny T zone (forehead and nose area) due to excessive oil; neither do they have dry or tight skin.
Even normal skin types may have occasional breakouts, but usually normal skin is a very healthy looking skin, with no blemishes, oily spots or flaky areas.
Although normal skin type is a beautiful looking skin, it still requires some TLC… skin type can change over time; hormonal changes or even changes in season might change your skin type. Therefore, neglecting your skin might lead to more visible wrinkles, clogged pores and overall dull looking skin.

How to Take Care of Normal Skin Type?

•    Keep your skin clean by cleansing it twice a day with gentle soap and water.
•    After cleansing use a mild toner that does not dry out skin, in order to remove all makeup residues and dead skin cells.
•    Always apply a gentle day cream to help your skin retain moisture throughout the day.
•    Too much sun is not recommended no matter what your skin type is. Try to avoid excessive sun exposure and always wear sunscreen.
•    Stimulate your skin with a gentle foaming scrub followed by a purifying mask once a week.
Normal skin type is a very low maintenance skin type, yet it still requires a good skin care routine in order to look its best. Choose your routine and keep it up. A basic skin care routine for normal skin type includes washing and toning morning and evening, moisturizing in the morning during summer months, and moisturizing in the evening during winter time, when skin tends to dry out.


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