Oily Skin

If you have oily skin, you probably have large pores, a shiny T zone and frequent breakouts… then again, oily skin ages slower than other skin types and is less prone to the develop of wrinkles early on.
Oily skin is prone to blackheads, since the glands that produce sebum are overactive; therefore they produce more oil (sebum) then necessary. The excess sebum has two main outcomes: first, the skin surface becomes oily, and looks greasy and shiny. Second, the excess oil clogs the pores which allow bacteria to grow and create blackheads and whiteheads.
The causes for oily skin can be hereditary. Although hormone levels have a lot to do with oily skin, teenagers or pregnant women have a greater tendency to suffer from oily skin due to an increase in circulating hormones, which stimulates the sebum glands. In addition, diet, weather, and your and skincare routine can also affect oily skin.
Most people have oily skin only in some areas, especially the T zone (forehead and nose) and a normal skin type on the other skin areas. This complexion is called combination skin, and requires skincare that is good for oily to normal skin.
In order to care for oily skin, the most important skincare step is cleansing. The cleaner you keep your skin, the less oil it accumulates, and therefore fewer bacteria can grow on the surface and cause breakouts. Use hot water and a deep cleanser, but make sure to avoid harsh products that strip skin of oil and promote flakiness. After washing your skin thoroughly, use a skin toner that removes dead skin cells and shrinks open pores, thereby allowing a tighter and smoother looking skin.
Although it is important to keep oily skin clean, do not wash is excessively, and limit washing your face to two times a day. Use a mud mask twice a week. A mud mask will clear the skin of any excess oil, purify it and help diminish visible pores. Regular exfoliation is also very important for oily skin so use a foam scrub for daily use, or try an exfoliating facial mask, which can be used up to three times a week. 

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