Combination and Oily Skin

Combination skin type is one of the most common skin types, which usually combines oily skin and normal skin type (but some even have a combination of oily skin and dry skin type). Naturally, combination skin type requires much more work and care since it involves two (or more) skin types.
Dealing with two different skin types is not easy. Usually, combination skin type has an oily T-zone, breakouts on the forehead and large pores on the nose. The cheeks and chin may be either normal or dry skin, and will have different characteristics.

So if you have combination skin type, you may be wondering what the best skincare regimen is for you.  If you choose oily skin products you may dry out your normal skin areas, but then if you choose dry skincare products your oily areas may have breakouts. There is not one answer to this question, and basically combination skincare routine involves oily skin control and deep moisture to other areas.

If your skin type is a combination of oily skin with another skin type, here are some important tips to remember:

•    Combination skin is very likely to develop acne. Even though the oily areas may suffer the most, acne can spread to other areas as well. Make sure to clean your skin daily with a soap that will not dehydrate your skin.

•    Use a purifying mask on your T-zone area twice a week. In addition, apply the mask all over the face once a week in order to clear dead skin cells and impurities from normal skin areas.

•    A delicate skin toner is useful for all skin types, so choose a gentle toner and apply twice a day after cleansing.

•    Don't forget to moisturize! Even oily skin needs moisture, just make sure it's a water based cream and not oil based.