Normal to Dry Skin

Skin type can vary not only from person to person, but also from one skin area to another and from one season to the next. Normal to dry skin is a common skin type, in which some skin areas are considered normal skin, while others tend to be more dry skin.

Usually, the cheeks are the driest skin area on the face, but different people have different distributions. Therefore, tend to your skin and get the maximum benefits out of your skin care products, by indentifying your skin type as normal to dry, and avoiding products that are not suitable for this delicate skin type.

In addition, people who have normal to dry skin can feel their skin getting drier during winter time, when humidity levels are low, and then turning back into normal skin type in the summer time. If your skin changes according to season, make sure to adjust your skin care products accordingly.

As a basic skin care routine, normal to dry skin type requires very basic care. First, always use a good cleanser and skin toner. Second, get a suitable moisturizer to apply daily. Night cream is recommended for extra dry times (like winter time or when traveling to a dry air area), and if you feel like your skin requires an anti-aging treatment. 
For an even complexion, use a facial scrub to exfoliate dry skin cells and promote the growth of new and vital skin cells. In addition, regular exfoliation is important because clogged pores can cause breakouts, even with normal skin. Since normal to dry skin is a sensitive skin, it might react badly to breakouts, so better to avoid them in the first place by performing regular facial scrubs.