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Dear Jericho,
I actually started with the body butter and foaming scrub.  The foaming scrub was tried on my right wrist. I was already able to feel the difference.  What is so amazing it that the effect lasted for a week! At first I only used them once a week. My skin became smoother even just after the first use. Then the sales consultant who saw me a month after told me to use the facial scrub everyday. I did. My face also became visibly smoother.  Acne bumps and scars flattens and lessens. I have been using it for more than two months now. My skin has become softer than ever. A lady friend of mine whom I allowed to touch my face to prove the effectiveness of the product in creating more beautiful skin commented that my face is really soft and smooth.  Just last week I visited a dermatologist to have my deep seated blackheads removed. When she looked at my skin, she commented that I have a good skin. She then asked me what was I complaining about? Thanks to Jericho... Besides, it's so economical that one drop is already enough to use for the whole face.  It is also effective in removing make-up residues at night.
Next product: Acne soap. My face sometimes would develop blemishes because of my lifestyle and pollution in my place of work.  After using it for a few days, my acne were healed and I use less and less concealer whenever I would put my make-up.
Body salt scrub-I used to have rough skin on some parts of my neck. Now it's so smooth as silk.  I also have less acne's on my back.
Body butter - I love the scent which last the whole day. I have uneven skin color on my arms. Now, after three months, the color is more even.
Serum- I use this every morning in the office before I put on moisturizer and eye gel.  The moisturizer is readily absorbed by my skin. I also noticed that true to the comments on your blog, my face looks more radiant after putting on my make-up.
Eye gel - I have been using this product for just two weeks. My under eye dark circles are now fading.
I have tried other products for my beauty regimen. Only your products have given me amazing results.  I hope you can come up with make-up products, too.  I am sure, your R&D can come up such --natural and safe (paraben-free).
More power!
Fatima S, Arlington, VA


Jericho Dead Sea Testemonials


Jericho skincare, I am halfway through my container of Vanilla Body Butter and I am more than pleased with the product. I used to swear by Aveda's replenishing moisturizer because I loved the scent and it is very light. I thought body butter would be heavy and possibly greasy but it isn't at all!  It is very light and nourishing and leaves my legs looking and feeling fabulous. And the Vanilla is the perfect amount of scent.  It's a must try! Michelle, Chicago, IL 


    Hello Jericho Dead Sea Products, I have to tell you how much I LOVE your skin care line!  Jericho Acne Treatment Kit : I have been using this product for about 12 weeks now and I can really see a difference. I’m 40 years and since I was 12 I have had problems with my skin, whether it be with acne or oiliness or I would try and address the oil and would end up with dry skin. Anyways, I think this is the best my skin has looked since I was 12. I keep looking in the mirror because I just can’t believe it.


Hi Jericho Skincare,
I ordered the Jericho Active Serum and the Foaming Facial Scrub and I had to tell you that they are INCREDIBLE!! I have been using other exfoliation cleansers but none had the effect this scrub had for me. Finally something that shows results FAST! Two weeks after using the active serum and I can already see a difference in the skin's moisture. I will definitely continue to use and will recommend over and over again!
Nathalie, NJ



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