Jericho Dead Sea Products

Dead Sea products and cosmetics have become one of the most popular spa and beauty products out there, allowing consumers to create a spa experience in the privacy of their own homes. But goodDead Sea products can be hard to find, especially when consumers innocently purchase products that contain ordinary salt instead of Dead Sea salt.


Jericho Skincare can guarantee pure, quality Dead Sea products, based on research and countless satisfied customers. By using Jericho Skincare products you can treat many skin issues, starting with dry skin, uneven skin tone, all the way through acne, rough skin, and can even treat skin ailments like psoriasis and eczema.

 Dead Sea Skincare Proucts

The secret of Dead Sea salt is the unique combination of minerals and nutrients that simply cannot be found in any other bath salt. So stop overpaying for a bath full of ordinary salt with no skin benefits what so ever. Here are some of our products benefits thanks to the pure and true ingredients they contain:
Real Dead Sea Salt- Research has shown that skin ailments like acne or psoriasis can be relieved by regular soaking in water with added Dead Sea salt. One of the reasons Dead Sea salt is so helpful is the high magnesium content in the Dead Sea. Therefore, it is vital you prefer natural Dead Sea salt products with the right amount of magnesium.
Boost Your Anti Aging Routine- research has shown a 40% reduction in the depth of wrinkles (read more about the research here). Jericho Dead Sea products contain all the minerals and nutrients from the Dead Sea, as well as added vitamins and anti-aging active ingredients such as retinol and collagen. The combination of Dead Sea minerals and anti-aging ingredients guarantees an age-defying affect.
Look for Essential Oils- Jericho Dead Sea products contain essential oils instead of artificial fragrance. Essential oils like lavender oil and jojoba oil don't just smell good – they also have a great natural effect on your skin and can promote hydration and softness.
Anti-Inflammatory Agents- Jericho Skincare products also contain anti-inflammatory agents, that are proven to ease arthritis pain, joint and muscle aches. Look for ingredients like Natural Dead Sea Salt grains, Magnesium Chloride (Mgc12), Potassium Chloride (Kcl), Calcium Chloride (CaCl2), Iron (Fe) and natural oils to get the best anti-inflammatory treatment.
Added Dead Sea Black Mud- Dead Sea Black Mud is a unique mixture of Dead Sea salts and minerals such as magnesium, potassium, calcium, natural tar, and silicon compounds.  Dead Sea Black Mud is known to improve and stimulate blood circulation, causing natural skin regeneration that allows skin to look radiant.