Dead Sea Eczema Treatment

Eczema is a skin condition that creates patches of rough, red and inflamed skin on different areas of the body, causing skin to become itchy and painful. Many times, the itching can be so intense, that it causes the sufferer to scratch until the skin bleeds, leading to even worse eczema.


Currently, medical science has not yet found a cure for eczema, but it is definitely manageable with proper and regular treatments. One of the primary recommended treatments shown to have a great impact on eczema relief is Dead Sea mineral baths. The unique combination of minerals found in the Dead Sea, including sulphur and magnesium, are known to help alleviate symptoms of painful itching.


 dead sea eczema treatment


For many years the Dead Sea has been looked upon as a source of healing for many types of skin ailments. Dead Sea Eczema treatment has shown to have a positive effect on sufferers from eczema and long-term usage has proved to have a soothing effect on the skin, helping to alleviate patches that are already formed, as well as preventing the forming of new patches.


There are many Dead Sea products that work well for treatment of eczema, including Dead Sea bath salts, Dead Sea sulphur soap and black mud soap. These products use Dead Sea minerals combined with intense moisturizers like olive oil to create better skin barrier function, increase the skin’s hydration and reduce the drying and cracking which can cause the intense itching and irritation associated with eczema, thereby preventing the itching and scratching cycle from repeating, allowing skin time to heal and repair.



Dead Sea Eczema Treatment has proven throughout time and history to work well, and even lives up to the expectations of modern science.