Dead Sea Spa Products

Each year, thousands of people visit the Dead Sea because of its renowned health-giving properties.


As you already know, the Dead Sea is the saltiest body of water in the world, containing up to 8 times more minerals than other sea water. Studies show that the unique mineral combination along with the distinctive atmosphere in the area, are the reason of its healing powers.




Scientific evidence proves that the Dead Sea can help treat many health conditions, from joint pain and arthritis to psoriasis and heart problems. The unique mineral content, including magnesium, calcium, and potassium just to name a few, has tremendous effect on the body. According to latest research patients with psoriasis who bathed for an hour a day in the Dead Sea saw an improvement of 88% in their condition.


Jericho Skincare offers many Dead Sea spa products that will maximize your experience and promote overall well being. Whether you suffer from joint pain, psoriasis or stress, you'll find the product for you. Here are some of our top products recommended for different health conditions (although Jericho Skincare products are clinically tested and are not considered medication in any way please consult with your doctor before using if you have any concerns whether or not these products are right for your condition).


Most people have acne on their faces, but some also get acne on other parts of the body like chest, back and thighs. In order to treat larger body parts we recommend:


Dead Sea Salt Scrub


Dead Sea Mud Wrap


Dead Sea Mud Soap


Many people ease their condition by using Dead Sea minerals, but it is also known that stress can increase the outburst, so relaxing the body is a very important part of keeping your psoriasis under control. For psoriasis we recommend:


Dead Sea Course Bath Salts


Dead Sea Black mud


Dead Sea Body Butter


Dead Sea Black Mud Soap


Joint Pain and Arthritis
There's nothing like soaking in warm water and relaxing aching joints. Revive and relax your joints by using these great Dead Sea spa products:


Dead Sea Fine Bath Salts


Dead Sea Black Mud Wrap