Jericho Dead Sea Products – Videos

13 hundred and twenty feet below sea level stretches the largest natural spa in the world. Dead Sea salts and Dead Sea mud have been used for centuries as healing and age defying beauty secrets, as well as for overall well being. The Dead Sea water combined with the area's mud and thermo mineral springs have been praised for over millennia. Since the 1960 many hotels and spa have been built to accommodate the tourists who come from all over the world to explore the Dead Sea area.

Dead Sea salt contains a unique composition of minerals and trace elements with soothing effect on the skin. This unique combination of minerals helps eliminate toxins and regenerate new cells as well as increase circulations. Jericho Skincare products are using the Dead Sea water, minerals and mud, to offer a variety of treatments that relax and rejuvenate body and mind, including bath salts, mud soaps, salt scrubs, facial mud masks and much more.

Black mud treatments, body scrubs mineral bath and pampering facials - find all these and more among the variety of Jericho Skincare Dead Sea products. Watch this video to learn more about Jericho Dead Sea bodily treatments:

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